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Misuse of Professional License to Commit Financial Crimes

Many professionals are in a position where they are granted direct access to large amounts of money, financial accounts, and other assets.  This unique relationship of trust makes professionals a prime target for charges of embezzlement through the misuse of their position.  Embezzlement is the theft or misappropriation of funds by a person who was entrusted with those assets.

Lawyers have requirements dictating where they can deposit clients funds, and how those funds must be used and accounted for.  Through intentional misuse, or poor bookkeeping, attorneys can find themselves charged with a felony for misuse of their professional license to commit financial crimes.

Accountants are in a similar position of financial trust.  They are often charged with accounting for company finances, and through some skillful bookkeeping fraud, can manage to hide large sums of money which they convert for their own use. Bankers, and financial advisors can also misuse their position to perpetrate financial crimes.

Medical professionals, government officials, insurance and real estate brokers are also in a unique position of trust with access to large amounts of assets.  Misuse of their licenses can be charged as embezzlement, fraud, or other crimes.  In addition to the criminal penalties of significant fines, and long prison sentences, professionals also risk losing their professional licenses.

Experienced Trial Lawyer

If you have been charged with a financial crime such as fraud or embezzlement, or are currently being investigated, contact my office for a consultation. I have spent more than ten years representing lawyers, accountants, and other professionals charged with misusing their professional license to commit financial crimes. This is a specialized area of criminal defense, and you need a highly skilled trial lawyer with the knowledge and experience to fight for your rights.

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