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Psychologist Disciplinary Proceedings

If you are facing professional license revocation, suspension or a disciplinary hearing, you may not know where to turn next. After working hard to provide the best care to your patients, a simple complaint can threaten your livelihood, career, professional reputation and ability to earn a living.  These proceedings need to be taken seriously, but remember that you do have rights and you have options. A qualified attorney can help relieve the burden of going through this difficult and complicated process.

When you first learn of a complaint, your first instinct may be to just explain the situation, which will surely result in the complaint being dropped.  After all, if you did not do anything wrong, the situation should clear itself up. However, disciplinary proceedings are not so straightforward. Offering information when you don't have to can actually lead to your words being used against you later in the process.  For this reason, you should consider getting attorney representation as early as possible in the disciplinary process.

No-Obligation Case Assessment

After representing psychologists and other medical professionals before disciplinary proceedings for over a decade, I have found that each case is unique. For this reason, it is important to meet with you to discuss the specifics of your individual case.  I offer a no-obligation consultation, during which we can discuss how the process works, detail all of your options, the likelihood for success, and any other questions or concerns you may have.  After the case assessment, you will understand exactly what you are facing.

What to Expect

In Washington State, disciplinary proceedings involving psychologists are governed by the Department of Health, together with various boards and commissions. After a complaint is filed, the case will be reviewed and investigated to determine whether there has been a violation and if they have the authority to take action.

If the evidence does not support the complaint, the matter will be closed.  If they find a violation has occurred, then the matter will be presented before a panel to take action against the psychologist.  Penalties could include mandatory fines, counseling, training, or suspension of your license.  As soon as you become aware of a possible investigation, you should consult an experienced attorney skilled in representing psychologists before licensing or disciplinary proceedings.

This is intended to give you a general overview of what your case may involve.  However, each case is different based on unique facts and circumstances.  With a no-obligation assessment, I can fully analyze your specific case so that you will understand what you are facing. Remember, the sooner you talk to an experienced lawyer, the more options you have.

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