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Real Estate Agent Disciplinary Proceedings

There may be no such thing as a typical day for a real estate agent or broker.  The day-to-day changes and challenges keep the job interesting. But something no agent wants to see is a notice of a formal complaint brought against them. These can include serious allegations which could have a real impact on your license, career, reputation, and your livelihood.  You've worked throughout your professional career to build your business, and a threat to your job needs to be taken seriously.

Your first thought may be to not worry about the complaint, because it is only a misunderstanding that will be cleared up in time. However, the process of a disciplinary proceeding can get complicated. You may quickly find yourself on the defensive, with your future at risk.

No-Obligation Case Assessment

With more than a decade of experience representing real estate agents and brokers, I understand what is at risk, and how the process works. During a no-obligation consultation, I will be able to analyze the individual facts of your case, and give you a clear understanding of what you can expect going forward, and ensure your best possible chances for keeping your license and your professional reputation intact.

Be cautious if you decide to represent yourself, even in the initial investigation phase, because everything you say may have an effect on your case.  It is important to contact counsel as early as possible in the investigation in order to ensure that you have all your options available.

What to Expect

In the State of Washington, disciplinary complaints are handled by the Department of Licensing.  Once a complaint has been filed, a determination will be made as to whether the Department has the legal authority to take action. If it is within their authority, they will review the case, and conduct an investigation. If the evidence does not support the complaint, the matter may be closed.  However, if violations have occurred, then disciplinary action will be recommended.

As soon as you become aware of a possible investigation, you should consider speaking with an attorney experienced in representing real estate professionals before administrative proceedings.  Possible penalties include mandatory fines, heightened supervision, required training, license suspension or revocation.

This information is provided to give you a broad overview of what your case might involve.  However, no two cases are exactly alike. During your no-obligation consultation, I will be able to fully analyze your specific case, and give you a clear understanding of what you can expect, detail all your options, and ensure you obtain the best possible outcome.

More information on the Washington State Department of Licensing can be found at:

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